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10th Nov 2019

How To Stay Balanced After Burnout with Carrie Severson

Carrie Severson (US) has done inspiring things after recovering from burnout. When she shared her burnout story on the Huffington Post her whole life changed, as she told her authentic story. Carrie now is an Intuitive Storytelling Coach. And from her platform The Unapologetic Voice, she helps her soul clients to find, express and publish their inner voices.

Topics we cover: 

  • Pilates and light-hearted fiction to help reduce stress; 
  • Playful activities (dance, ocean, glitter); 
  • Non-negotiable list (like selfcare, personal life, space for friends, fun and dating, healthy personal life); 
  • Recognizing the symptoms, check in with your mind and taking a break; 
  • Talking about burnout; 
  • Laugh often and much; 
  • Redefine your own definition of success; 
  • Issues with being easily accessible and online nowadays; 
  • Finding a short moment of sleep, play and balance during the workday; 

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